Thursday, October 20, 2011


I found myself not being able to put Brandon Sander's Warbreak down. So many interesting twists and character relationships being developed. I felt the story dragged here and there. The author definitely took advantage of grabbing your attention then letting you wait around to hear more. Between the two main characters, Siri, the youngest sister, is more fascinating, for she had more spunk and character where her older sister Vivenna was dull and boring like her country, Idris. She eventually developed a personality towards the end of the book, when she no longer views herself as Princess Vivenna, but Vivenna the Awakener. I was taken by complete surprise about how the two sisters switched roles in the novel. Both were raised entirely differently, yet developed to be totally opposite people. Siri is such a lovable character, genuine and true. How she rebels without having an intention to hurt people and passion for life makes the reader love her like an energetic child running around. The relationship that develops between the God King and Siri is absolutely heart touching, especially when the God King motions Siri to read a children book to him. The culture depicts the god to be ruthless and menacing when in actuality he is an innocent man with a pure heart. Siri matures as an individual being the God King's wife. She learns to be on her own and important. Most of all she learns to feel needed by the God King, something she lacked when she was a princess of Idris.

Brandon Sander's depiction of color is very intriguing. A country lacking color and another full of saturated colors. He shows life without color is dull, boring and lacks life its self and shows the complete opposite where color makes life. He creates a world where color can be intensified by breath and the multiple heightening. Also color can be taken away by extreme means. This piece of literature provoked me to think about color influence on people's life and how powerful it can be. As an artist I have to use color to my advantage and impact people. Brandon Sanders also integrates themes of politics and religious conflict which is nice to read taken out of the context of reality and learned about in a different perspective.

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