Thursday, December 1, 2011

Being John Malkovich

Incredibly strange movie, I wasn’t quiet sure what to expect from this film directed by Spike Jones, but I was definitely not expecting this. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I liked how the movie was going but towards the end as things got crazy, I found myself laughing. I dislike Craig’s personality; he is very selfish and unfaithful towards his wife, actively persuing Maxine at the work place. The whole story is out of this world, people working on Floor 7 ½, people jumping through a portal to be John Malkovich and a married couple in love with the same person. Everyman for himself is portrayed frequently in the movie. Charlie Sheen cameo in the film is a laughable element. There is a replacement theme within the movie. Lotte replacing her want of children with pets, Craig replacing his puppets with actual people, and eventually people replacing people. Being John Malkovich is a major overload on content, the deteriorating marriage between Craig and Lotte is already a conflict, now throw in the challenges of prolong life. The character development of Maxine is a little bit surprising; she is portrayed to be a manipulative diva and grows to feel love with Lotte essentially softening her character. The ending was satisfying. Maxine and Lotte together raising their indirect child with Craig trapped in the little girl’s conscious.  One pondering thought about the outcome of the film was why was the ending unfavorable to Craig only? Being John Malkovich was one of those movies that left me saying, what did I just watch? but in a positive way.

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