Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mythic Fiction and Contemporary Urban Fantasy

Big Fish directed by Tim Burton was such a delight to watch. The film was a nice break from the very extreme movies I have been watching lately. Even though the movie contains fantasy like details, its still light hearted. The story revolves around the main character Edward Bloom and his son who struggles to understand his father. Will, Edward's son, doesn't believe any of his father's stories and finds it annoying his father can't states a simply true fact about his life. Edward Bloom argues that he has been stating fact all this time and says to his son that he can't accept him for who he is, a storyteller. Will wants to understand his father because he is soon to have a son and doesn't want the same problem occur to him. When Edward is in the hospital on the brink of death, he ask his son to tell a story about how it all ends. Once so, Edward passes away with happiness that his son finally understands him and his passion for storytelling. Edward Bloom continues to live on through his stories. This is just the underlying story line. The southern gothic fantasy stories Edward Bloom lives is like a dream. The town he comes across by going through a treacherous road has a familiar eeriness of the underground town in the film The Boy and His Dog. But much more pleasant and no killer robot Michael. The town, Spectre, has the delightful and whimsical qualities of Rivendell in the novel the Hobbit. Another detail of the film I like is the idea of a monogamous relationship. Edward Bloom encounters the love of his life and does everything possible to get the chance to see her again. The daffodils part is so pretty but also creepy. When Edward rebuilds Spectre after bankruptcy, Jenny makes an advance onto Edward which he turns down because he is only in love with one woman and wishes to remain faithful to her. As fluffy and dreamy Edward's love for Sandra, it is a pity monogamy is such a frivolous idea in modern culture.  

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